It has been one week here and I am still getting used to everything. The sleeping schedule was probably the easiest thing to adapt to. Anything from food to the way people drive is different. Me Liam and Matt have mainly stuck to ourselves and got lucky when Amanda and Kathryn were placed right across the hall from us, this gives us our own time to go out and meet people. The constant meetings and classes are starting to get on my nerves but they are a way to meet people. No one here has classes on Fridays so we are looking forward to possibly getting a lot of traveling done over our extended weekends. I’m sure it won’t take that much time to fully adjust, but I feel that me and my roommates are doing pretty well.

We are starting to learn how to live on our own, two years of having all you can eat food at the cafeteria really spoils you. The roommates and I have been looking around for the best deals, we already had some tips given to us by the girls who previously studied here advising us to shop at Aldi or Tesco. I have noticed a great difference in my concern of my money, from spending money on alcohol to even buying food. On both of our shopping occasions, we have found ourselves with baskets full of generic Tesco brand food. We also have electricity cards here that restrict us to a fixed amount of electricity, I truly feel that we are starting to live life as real adults and not being aided for by our parents. It should be an interesting time and I’m looking forward to really getting to see europe.

Matt Cahill is studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).