De Pere, Wisconsin or London, England for a semester?  St. Norbert really is like home, but for 4 months I get to experience living in South Kensington, London which is just a walk away from places like Buckingham Palace and Harrods.  Living here for a short amount of time feels like you have lived here for ages.  The culture is different, but very easy to pick up on.

Some of the language is different to learn, as well as some of their customs.  I live in a “flat” instead of a “dorm” with my “flat mates” instead of my “roommates”.  Instead of being a “junior in college”, we are “third year at university”.

Going from the Fox River to the Thames River as scenery is a little bit of an adjustment.  Getting to class is not just walk across 3rd Street, here it is a walk through the “Royal Borough of Kensington of Chelsea” a very luxurious area of London.   One £ (pound) is equal to around $1.60 American dollars.  Everything is priced around the same as American dollars, but it is more expensive due to the exchange rate.  Our everyday routine includes seeing some of London’s greatest sights while getting to experience the culture of another country.

Leaving London will be very hard because it is easy to love it here.  The ability to live in another country and adjust to their lifestyle is fascinating.  Also, the convenience of being able to travel to another country for even just a weekend is amazing.  I enjoy calling London home, and look forward to the rest of my time here!

Brianna Simkowski is studying abroad in London, England, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).