Today is the day I end my fall break trip. I am full of mixed emotions. The trip had become a new adventure that I did not want to end. I and Alex had chosen to travel to Malaga Spain. Our trip began with frantic scrambling from the wrong train to right one, after sitting on the wrong train for thirty minutes. However from then on, the travelling became easier. We flew with ryair, and relaxed with a glass of wine anticipating what we would encounter upon arrival. We had finally landed in Spain! Eager to get to our hostel no matter the cost we hopped into the taxi and jammed out to our first taste of Spain’s music. We decided to stay at the Melting Pot Hostel. It is located right on the beach but far from the City Center, but all we needed to solve that problem was a bus! Our night, which we thought was ending, was just beginning as we made our first friends at the hostel. Two Australians who had been back packing together, these people would eventually lead us to the person who would be come our third leg on a tripod. Matahn, is from south Africa and became a good friend of ours during the trip. We began to call ourselves a tripod. This friendship with Matahn is what influenced us to cut our trip to Malaga short and travel to Granada as well. Granada is a beautiful city, and reminded me much of Florence.

At this point I had a weird mixture of homesickness and excitement. And the funny thing is when I say “homesick” I mean Florence. Florence had become a place I call home. This hit me as a shock at first, but I think this means that just maybe I have adapted to my environment, and my stay in Europe. Not only has my trip to Italy already impacted the person I am, so has my trip to Malaga. The door that coming to Italy opened only leads to a huge hallway with thousands of other Doors to open. In Italy I learned to accept a bigger city, learn different aspects of a culture, a new language, and how to just let go sometimes. In Malaga, I have learned that there are so many different people in the world to meet. These people are crazy, fun, intelligent and most importantly friendly. I can’t wait for my travels to continue, and I am looking forward to returning HOME, to Florence.

Krista Hove is studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy.