Before coming here I heard a lot of mixed messages about the food. I heard to bring things like ketchup and Macaroni and cheese because the ketchup has more vinegar in it in London and they don’t have regular macaroni and cheese. They were right about the macaroni but the ketchup tastes the same. The ketchup tasted a lot different in Ireland though. The food here is very different though. It does not last as long as the food in the United States because they do not put as many perservatives in their food. It makes it better for you, but there aren’t as many flavors which can be a little disappointing at times. The food also seems a lot more expensive, especially with me having the problem of always converting pounds back into dollars. A big problem for me has been how expensive Diet Coke is in England. I enjoy drinking it a lot and it is almost 6 dollars for a 1 liter bottle. I could get a 24 pack of cans for less than that. It’s been hard but I have to cave sometimes. I do miss all of the food from home though, so sometimes my roommates and I tend to find places that remind us of home like Subway or McDonalds because they are generally the same and we know that we’re going to like them. However, I’ve been pretty open to trying new things and have gotten used to the food here. I want to be more outgoing the second half of the semester and try more foods that are common in the area that I’m visiting.

Danielle Costello is studying abroad in London, England, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).