Growing up I have always lived near a large city, Milwaukee, Green Bay and for the past 2 months Brisbane, Australia.  I have always taken advantage of TV, internet, iPods and cell phone, this all changed this past weekend when I took a trip to Fiji…

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In a short three-hour flight I went from the Australian city scene to the jungle of Fiji.  On one of the days of out trip we went on a tour that took us into a Fijian village where we saw a traditional ceremony, ate a traditional Fijian lunch (Chicken cooked in an under ground fire) and walked around the village.  In order to get to this village we had to take a 30-minute boat ride down a river.  While walking around the village we saw women making crafts and a very small preschool where the younger children went.  When we went to the preschool the kids came out and sang to us.  The girls in the village that were older worked in the preschool and the boys (who are considered men at age 17) participated in the ceremony and cooked the chicken for the women to prepare lunch.

After being in the village I couldn’t help but to think about what do the people in the village do for free time and leisure.  While being American I am so used to watching TV and checking my Facebook, the people of the village had none of this and yet they seemed so happy and content.  It made me think do we really need all of the material things and technology that we feel “we must have”?

Susan Hiller is studying abroad in Bond University in Australia.