I’m sorry if anyone finds this blog completely boring, but I felt the need to share this information with anyone who is thinking about studying abroad in Spain. My words of advice to you: if you can’t take the heat, DONT RIDE THE BUS!

There have been countless times where I am reassured that the bus system here in Valencia is…kind of…. violent!!!

There are three times when you need to be cautious on the bus, or else, you might seriously get hurt!!!

Instance number 1: While you are waiting at the bus stop to get on.
Many people stand realllllly close to the curb and the bus driver doesnt always see them and/or care about them. I’ve heard of a few people getting hit by busses while they think they are safe on the sidewalk.

Instance number 2: While you are on the bus.
Believe it or not, its really hard to keep your footing on the bus when it’s moving. You get jerked around quite a bit, along with other spaniards losing thir footing and flying into you because you’re their only barrier against taking a digger! Find a pole, an arm rest, or even a large man to hang on to or else you might fall and have to take the walk of shame when its time to get off.

Instance number 3: Getting off of the bus.
The bus leaves no survivors. Decide quick if the stop thats approaching is the one that you need, because once those doors open, you have approximately 3-5 seconds to get your butt off the bus and onto the sidewalk. I saw a man get squished, a little girl almost get squished, and a little boy’s finger get pinched (after he licked a pole on the bus, by the way). The bus driver may be nice, but honestly, he just wants to get his shift over with, therefore he doesnt care enough to wait until you make upĀ  your mind.

Some other helpful pieces of info for you:
1. Stay away from old spanish men on the bus, especially if you are blonde. They WILL take advantage of you.
2. If there’s two open seats, you might as well take the one closest to the window so you dont have to get up when someone wants to sit next to you.
3. Give old people your seats!! They will love you forever!
4. Bus drivers dont want to mess around with coins, so do them a favor and get a bus pass. Its much faster and easier.
5. Last but not least, be ready for busses to be packed when it gets cooler, and be ready for a lot of “personal bubble” invasion.

There’s always taxi’s……

Calli Nonnemacher is studying abroad in Valencia, Spain, with the University of Virginia.