Studying abroad in Dublin has changed my outlook on preserving energy. My roommates and I find ourselves unplugging everything after we use it, turning off lights, and planning when to shower to conserve our energy cards. I never really realized how easy everything is at St. Norbert, not having to worry about running out of electricity cards, or keeping the lights off when possible. Being here has definitely made me appreciate my home much more, and how I value the little things like keeping my appliances plugged in after I use them. What is great about studying aboard is adapting to these different lifestyles, and when coming home continuing it as well. I have noticed around Dublin, and other countries I have visited, bikes are extremely useful. Another great way to respect the environment, compared to the States where you see less of this and more of people driving cars. When I was in the Amsterdam in the Netherlands this is when I was aware of the bikes the most. There were bikes everywhere and people riding them all the time. Every place I have traveled to seems to be more eco-friendly compared to the States. I walk 30 minutes to class and back from class everyday and I feel like when I go home I will be more conscious of how much I take my car places where I can easily walk.  This experience has been great so far. It is going by extremely fast, and it is going to be hard going home!

Amanda Leick is studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).