Midterm Madness vs. Florence Flow (Casey Olson)

Work to live- don’t live to work.  I have found that this is a popular phrase here in Italy and a mantra that I have really taken to heart.  At home in the states we are so obsessed with being busy and constantly working at something and here the pace is so much more relaxed.  In fact, it has me abroad really wishing that I wasn’t taking classes at all and instead just able to fall into this relaxed flow, fully realize where I am at, and just focus on quality of life.  What about that little phrase, ‘the world is your classroom’ ??  If only I could get credits transferred back for just having grand life experiences!  Alright, this is crazy talk. I understand- stop your yelling! I am only feeling strongly this way because midterms are approaching this coming week and my life right now is so tightly wound around studying.  Who wants to be bothered with petty work when in FLORENCE, ITALY!?!!  Not this girl. I mean 5 exams and multiple papers due in the next four days- a little extreme, right?`  I like my classes and I find them important, but in the back of my head I think about where I am at and wonder to myself, ‘will things ever be this beautiful again?’  Every sight is absolutely gorgeous and everything is so incredibly unpredictable that I feel like I am missing out when I am strapped to my books. People travel abroad to experience new things and risk with the unknown- how am I taking any sort of risks when I am going to spend the next couple hours not even leaving my apartment??  Oh, missed opportunities!  How badly I wish that my time here was not so limited.

As a closer, hats off to the fact that taking these classes are the reason I am able to be in Florence for these three short months, but I certainly look forward to this midterm week to be over so I can get back into that steady, carefree flow I appreciate so much in Florence!

Work to live- don’t live to work.

Casey Olson is studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy.

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