First Week of Classes (Dale Bishop)

Original Post Date: 25 July 2011

Well classes are underway and I’m already adapting to the differences in the schooling experience between Australia and America, mainly those in vocabulary. Today in class we were typing on the computers when the Professor told us to wait after we pushed the full stop key. I raised my hand to ask what a full stop was and she looked at me like I had egg on my face. She couldn’t believe that I hadn’t known what a full stop was. She asked, ‘Don’t you have full stops in America?’ I told her that I didn’t think so. I then concluded that she was talking about a period and we straightened out our differences. I had a similar experience when I was instructed on proper format for an assignment and was told that the dot point format was expectable for conveying evidence. Again I never heard of the dot point format and through conversing with my Professor after class I learned that he was referring to bullet points. Even though it will take awhile for me to get use to the terminology, however I am happily adjusted to my classes schedule which consists of just three days of class. This has allowed me to take the bus and have plenty of fun down at Mooloolaba Beach.

Dale Bishop is studying abroad at University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

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