First Week (Dale Bishop)

Original Post Date: 19 July 2011

Well Orientation has started for all of us international students. We were all placed into groups after the big meeting, where all of the international students were present. At first the prospect of befriending ESL (English as a Second Language) students seemed daunting, but then you realize that all of the international students shared the common denominator of not being from Australia. Yes, some of these students might be used to traveling in foreign countries and therefore pick up the ins and outs of life as a foreign student in Australia quicker than other students, but at the same time all of the international students came here with a relatively equal lack of knowledge and an obvious lack of firsthand experience in the everyday life here at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  This made the experience of making friends with foreigners much easier. Back home at St. Norbert I was friends with a few foreign students, however most of those relationships were formed through my randomly selected roommates from the Netherlands. After the meetings we went and had a sausage sizzle at the footie pitch. I’ll post again once classes start next week.

Dale Bishop is studying abroad at University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

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