So I was all set to get on the plane to London and it still felt so surreal; I still didnt think I was going to get on a plane to London and live and study there for three and a half months.  Even when going through security and waiting at the terminal I still couldnt believe it.  But now, after being here for a few weeks, I couldnt be happier with my decision.  The city of London has SO much to offer and it is so amazing.  While here, I have traveled to Hyde park, the Globe Theater, Big Ben, the Tower of London, Parliament, the London Eye, and so much more. I still have over two months here and I havent even seen half of what I want to see!

The school itself and the classwork has been very interesting as well.  I like it here how the professors are not full-time and they come from all over the Greater London area.  Having them come from a business that they own or somewhere that they share you interests with help so much when sitting in class. My professors are all great and my classes are so interesting.  I cant wait to find out what my internship will be for the second phase of this experience.

The weather here is nice, despite the random light rain here and there.  Mostly cloudy during the week but we have had a warm weather front come though and it has been shorts and a t-shirt weather here, so great.  Its weird seeing the sun and actually being hot during the end of September(after being accustomed to the bitter cold weather in De Pere.)  Well I cant wait to see whats next on this adventure but until then, cheers mate!

Kort Koppman is studying abroad in London, England, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).