I’m working for the man again, wait, does Australia have a “man” here? I’m working for the Commonwealth here…? Supporting that Westminster style? Well, whatever it is, I got a job! I wasn’t seeking a job at all, it just kind of fell into my lap. By that I mean, a nice lady told me about this place called Ecojobs, I threw a CV at them and they offered me a job.

Now a CV is our equivalent of a resume. The CV was slightly harder to put together than a resume, it required more effort because instead of the one page resume, a CV calls for at least two pages. Let me emphasis at least two pages. I looked over multiple templates and could not understand how to reach two pages. So I didn’t, I reached one and half. My CV definitely has some growing to do.

I got called in for an interview and received an email stating what I needed to bring to it. One piece of information was my bank info and a bank routing number (or called a BSB here, I instantly thought of Backstreet Boys). I didn’t have one, so my morning was spent opening up an account. One common marketing scheme found in banks in America for opening up an account is getting free stuff when you do it, the same applies here. Here’s what I got for free-

A calculator with a squirrel on it. A squirrel. They don’t have squirrels in Australia, the logic why this would be free all the sudden makes sense. But I’m beside myself with this calculator,  I’m nuts about it! (Thank you to those who may have laughed at my ridiculous pun. If you didn’t, well, tough crowd…)

I showed up for the interview where I found the  process to be VERY laid back. Aside from the fact that I was wearing a sweater and jeans (note to those packing to study abroad, bring dressy clothes and don’t tear your only pair of dress pants), my interview was a casual discussion about my work history. Followed up with basic work expectations and then I was told what I’d be doing. Ecojobs is contracted out by government agencies to remove invasive vegetation and plant native ones.

Maybe they’ll need someone to measure plant densities, and I’ll be able to show off my sweet new calculator.

Cassie Brayton is studying abroad at Murdoch University in Australia.