Before coming to Australia I was told that Australia is very Americanized.  Although I still knew that things would be different I just had no idea how different.  The first real sign of not being at home was the food…

The first day that I was at the University I went to the café to get some lunch.  With my meal I ordered a side of fries (here they are called “chips”).  As any American would I requested ketchup to dip my fries/chips in.  This was my first mistake as well as the best way to show that I am a true American.  Australians call ketchup “tomato sauce”.  After sorting out the tomato sauce ketchup mess, I had my fries and tried this Australian ketchup.  Needless to say I now know why it is not called ketchup, it does not taste a thing like ketchup, in fact it has a bit of a cinnamon taste to it.  It is much sweeter than what we have in the States.

Another major difference that I have seen here with the food is that everywhere you go there is SUSHI!  So while the tomato sauce was a bummer, having sushi on every corner makes up for it.  Seeing that I love sushi, I have had a lot of it while here in Australia, best part is that it is also very cheap and cheap is hard to find here! Most of the sushi restaurants have what they call a “train”; this is a conveyor belt with small plates of sushi going around and around.  When you see something that you want all you have to do is grab it.  Each plate is a different color and that determines the cost.  So when you are all ready to pay the waitress just adds up the plates.  It is a very fun way to eat, to be able to see the food already made, instead of ordering from a menu!

Susan Hiller is studying abroad at Bond University in Australia.