The food of Peru is very unique. Before i came to Peru, I thought that the food would be pretty similar to Mexican food, but i was very wrong. They eat a lot of rice here with potatoes and bread. Chicken is very common although they also will eat pork, turkey, alpaca, guinea pig, and beef. It is very different than food in the United States. As most people know, you shouldn’t drink the water here, but you also have to be careful where you buy your food. I usually just eat with the family i stay with, but sometimes i enjoy going out to eat somewhere on the street as well. Even being careful i got sick for a few days.

That being said, after being here for about a month it is nice to be able to find a familiar American style food once a week or so. I am sure that when i get back i will miss the food here a lot! The family i live with opened a restaurant recently and i eat their often for lunch. It is delicious including a lot of dishes with rice, but their most popular dish is chicken cooked over a wood fire, and french fries. It is called Pollo a la Brasa. For beverages, they drink a lot of coffee and tea. A popular tea is made of Coca leaves. They call it mate de coca. Their is a type of Soda here called Inca Cola that is also very popular. I hear that Peruvian dishes are gaining popularity around the world, and their chefs are becoming well known. I definitely can see why!

Jack Hayford is studying abroad in Cusco, Peru, with ProWorld.