A new week begins, and last week filled with tests and a ten-page lab report ends. Last week was one of those weeks filled with so much stuff that you eventually lose your mind. I found myself spacing frequently mid-homework. I am not thankful for last week, but after the work storm has passed I am thankful skies are clear.

I had orientation for study abroad this Saturday, definitely the highlight of the week. A lot of it was info I already knew, I’m a seasoned travel and have flown more than 200 times. I have that security checkpoint thing down to a tee; my shoes are off before I’m even in the airport. Back on track, I’m just excited for my Ecuadorian life next semester… it’s becoming so real.

Main thing though, thanksgiving is almost here. A nice little break and a lot of good food is enough to make a grown man cry. Mashed potatoes are where it’s at. Really though thanksgiving is a concept I think should be year round all the time. Not just for delicious food, but giving thanks. Cheesy sure, but suffering through such a crappy week last week and coming out on top I am so thankful. The thought of turkey and taters until I pass out that’s something to be thankful for. The list goes on. So take some time think about what you’re thankful for, it’s pretty cool to realize how lucky you are.

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