Fright Week

Here I am, another week. Last week was filled with difficult times, but the nice thing is there is always balance. I had a Chemistry test. That’s a scary thing. My whole first half of my week worked up to this. In general I’m usually laid back, there’s just something about Chemistry that really gets to me. I studied and I made it through that hump DAYY morning.

It’s always daunting to have that midweek test, but you can always know that when it’s over you have half a week to enjoy yourself that much more. So that’s what I did! I have to say last week was definitely THE week for roommate bonding. Like I said I have 8 and it’s a bit difficult to find time where we all can hang out. SO we decided early on that this week was suite basketball week. A battle followed. Dirty looks. Fouls. Straight up street ball, of course all in good fun.

Although, it was nice to have everyone in the same place doing the same thing. Even cooler, was that immediately after the game we were all able to cool down at the Campus Center at the Fall Fest. Free Pizza, Free Cotton Candy, Free Photos, Free Games, and Free Prizes. One of the cool things about St. Norbert… free stuff. Then of course the best way to end the week was with a haunted house. A place where you watch your usually tough guy friends turn into little girls.

It was definitely a suitable way to put an end to the week. The week started with me scared out of my mind for a Chemistry test and ended with me going to a place to get scared by weird monsters and other freaky things. Honestly there’s no reason to be scared by either of them, but everyone does it.

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