My First Blog!

Hey guys! This is my first blog… giving a shout out to the west coast! Just to start a quick explanation of me. As I sit here in Michel’s hall surrounded by six of my seven roommates playing around on the Xbox, I need to break away for a little focus. And of course all of our homework is done. Well, my name is Silas Gilliam; I have a Persian cat named Paykon, my favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. I am coming from Washington, which is quite a ways from De Pere and quite different. But I have to say this is another home of mine now. It took a while to adjust, but being a sophomore I’d like to think I’ve got things under control…kind of. I’m in Student Government, I work at admissions, I’m service chair of the Psychology Club, I tutor for the YMCA and Oneida High School, and on top of that Biology and Chemistry classes/labs. I mean if you’re starting out and you want to be driven as crazy as I am by so many things, don’t worry you learn to manage. I mean some times it can drive one a little loco, but I promise it is completely worth it. So now you know a little about me, and you’ll probably learn a lot more through these blogs. I plan on telling you more about the week and the crazy/awesome happenings in my life for the duration of my blogging career. Tune in next Monday, and I hope you all have a great week.

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