A new week begins, and last week filled with tests and a ten-page lab report ends. Last week was one of those weeks filled with so much stuff that you eventually lose your mind. I found myself spacing frequently mid-homework. I am not thankful for last week, but after the work storm has passed I am thankful skies are clear.

I had orientation for study abroad this Saturday, definitely the highlight of the week. A lot of it was info I already knew, I’m a seasoned travel and have flown more than 200 times. I have that security checkpoint thing down to a tee; my shoes are off before I’m even in the airport. Back on track, I’m just excited for my Ecuadorian life next semester… it’s becoming so real.

Main thing though, thanksgiving is almost here. A nice little break and a lot of good food is enough to make a grown man cry. Mashed potatoes are where it’s at. Really though thanksgiving is a concept I think should be year round all the time. Not just for delicious food, but giving thanks. Cheesy sure, but suffering through such a crappy week last week and coming out on top I am so thankful. The thought of turkey and taters until I pass out that’s something to be thankful for. The list goes on. So take some time think about what you’re thankful for, it’s pretty cool to realize how lucky you are.

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Fright Week

Here I am, another week. Last week was filled with difficult times, but the nice thing is there is always balance. I had a Chemistry test. That’s a scary thing. My whole first half of my week worked up to this. In general I’m usually laid back, there’s just something about Chemistry that really gets to me. I studied and I made it through that hump DAYY morning.

It’s always daunting to have that midweek test, but you can always know that when it’s over you have half a week to enjoy yourself that much more. So that’s what I did! I have to say last week was definitely THE week for roommate bonding. Like I said I have 8 and it’s a bit difficult to find time where we all can hang out. SO we decided early on that this week was suite basketball week. A battle followed. Dirty looks. Fouls. Straight up street ball, of course all in good fun.

Although, it was nice to have everyone in the same place doing the same thing. Even cooler, was that immediately after the game we were all able to cool down at the Campus Center at the Fall Fest. Free Pizza, Free Cotton Candy, Free Photos, Free Games, and Free Prizes. One of the cool things about St. Norbert… free stuff. Then of course the best way to end the week was with a haunted house. A place where you watch your usually tough guy friends turn into little girls.

It was definitely a suitable way to put an end to the week. The week started with me scared out of my mind for a Chemistry test and ended with me going to a place to get scared by weird monsters and other freaky things. Honestly there’s no reason to be scared by either of them, but everyone does it.

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Back from a well needed long weekend. It’s a bit difficult to come back to school, after spending a weekend on the beach, in a lazy river, in 90 degree South Carolina. But honestly who am I to complain when the first Monday back is MAKE YOUR OWN CUPCAKE DAY. Unbelievable… I’ve never seen a cupcake as unprofessional as the one made tonight. Ok rewind!

Last week was a nice short, but still busy one. Two tests…History and Bio. Sadly those two subjects don’t crossover much. I studied… to an extent. With the beach on your mind, focus is hard to come by. But I made it through and felt pretty good.

Finally, some big decisions were made this week. I’ve come to figure out college is about making decisions and figuring things out. I wish I could be more specific, but it’s that basic. Still, there’s so much that goes on within that statement. One of those things is decision about the future and about your desires and strengths. I am switching my major from Bio to Psychology and Spanish. This definitely wasn’t last minute, and came with a lot of thought. But I’m excited to continue on my Psych track and to work on that Spanish major next semester in ECUADOR!!! Adios Wisconsin winter!!!! That’s still a ways a way though. Focus.

That’s really been the theme… focus. So hard to do with the future in mind, and a million school things going on, and of course the beach. I think it’s just about reminding yourself to keep in mind the future, but FOCUS on the now. Still, enjoy the little things. Set aside a little time to daydream about the future. Take five minutes for the lazy river. And hey, maybe even make your own cupcake.

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My First Blog!

Hey guys! This is my first blog… giving a shout out to the west coast! Just to start a quick explanation of me. As I sit here in Michel’s hall surrounded by six of my seven roommates playing around on the Xbox, I need to break away for a little focus. And of course all of our homework is done. Well, my name is Silas Gilliam; I have a Persian cat named Paykon, my favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. I am coming from Washington, which is quite a ways from De Pere and quite different. But I have to say this is another home of mine now. It took a while to adjust, but being a sophomore I’d like to think I’ve got things under control…kind of. I’m in Student Government, I work at admissions, I’m service chair of the Psychology Club, I tutor for the YMCA and Oneida High School, and on top of that Biology and Chemistry classes/labs. I mean if you’re starting out and you want to be driven as crazy as I am by so many things, don’t worry you learn to manage. I mean some times it can drive one a little loco, but I promise it is completely worth it. So now you know a little about me, and you’ll probably learn a lot more through these blogs. I plan on telling you more about the week and the crazy/awesome happenings in my life for the duration of my blogging career. Tune in next Monday, and I hope you all have a great week.

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