End of Junior Year

Hi everyone!

So it’s been a while since I have done my last blog! And a ton of things have happened. First of all, we had our Student Government Association election where I ran to become the Financial Coordinator. I won the election which gives me a great leadership position on campus, and a place on the E-Board of SGA.  I’m really excited about this opportunity to work with the budgeting and finance side of SGA, which are things I find interesting. I have already started having meetings with different groups as part of my new role.

Secondly, I decided to try and become a trip leader for the TRIPS program. My first choice was for the St. Lucia trip, but my friend ended up getting that position, which is great for her! I on the other hand, I got the leader position for a men’s trip to Philadelphia, which is an awesome city that I’m looking forward to seeing! I have my first meeting for this on Monday!!

While all of this has been going on, my football time commitment has increased as well. Despite bad weather, we have had spring football for three weeks now, ending tomorrow. This has given me more than 15 hours a week just doing football related things, working out and practice. We had a few practices cancelled because of snow and rain, but we made most of them up this week with a couple of extra practices.

School wise, this week might have been the hardest I have ever tried. I have had three exams, and later today I have an online Quiz. My exams were in Business Law, Financial Markets and Institutions and in Corporate Finance. It’s a lot of business classes which I really like, but these were all major exams that took of most of my times. My days this week, has started at 8 and ended around 10 at night with limited breaks to eat.  Next week is not going to be as hard, as it leads into Finals week which again will be a lot of work. I have three cumulative finals, which is a lot of material I have to remember, but after that its summer break, and time to go back home to Denmark for a bit.

Tonight the football team is going bowling, as a way to end our Spring Football. Last year it was a blast, and I hope it will be the same this year!

I think that is all for this time!

Everyone take care!

–          Peter Ostergaard

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