Spring Break to Arkansas

So it’s been a while…. That’s my bad. But here I am with a new blog update. Since last, I went on my spring break TRIP to Little Rock, AR. and I had a blast!!!! We were fortunate enough to meet a bunch of great guys down there who were not working to get rich, but working towards helping the greater community. It was a very eye opening experience meeting these people.

We spent four days at the Little Rock Habitat Re-store where we helped expand the store area. We got to build a bunch of walls, which was a great experience, and I felt like a true handyman. I was fortunate enough to get to ride around town with a guy named Robert. His job was to pick up donations from people and it allowed me to see a lot of Little Rock, which was really awesome. It also gave me a chance to get a lot of different experiences than the rest of the people on my trip, and lets be honest, that was pretty sweet!

The guys at the restore made sure we had lunch everyday! Thursday we had a real southern barbecue, and sweet tea which was pretty cool and it tasted great!

School and football have been taking a ton of my time, but at least it’s paying out. So far, my grades have been really high, and I have gotten stronger and faster for football. Life is going great!!

That’s my little blog for this time. Ill try to update my blog a bit more often!

Take care,


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