My Week Broken Down

Hey there!

People sometimes ask me how my week looks, and how much time I spend on school and football. The answer for this question varies very semester, and with football commitments.

I have done some simple addition and this is how I spend my time in a regular week. I have around 16 hours of class time, where I’m actually in a classroom. On top of this comes my studying and preparing for class time, which varies depending on the workload, but for now lets say around 2 hours a day goes with homework and preparing for class. This includes work over the weekend, where most of my time studying finds place. That brings time spent on schoolwork to 26 hours a week. On top of this I have my job at the Admission Office, where I work around 10 hours a week. Sometimes I work a bit more, but 10 hours is a realistic estimate of an average week.

Then we have football. When we are not in our regular season, we work out 5 to 6 times a week. This gives me around 10 hours of football related workout. Then once in a while we will have meetings, but lets keep that out of the count.

Adding all of these hours together, I have 46 hours split between school, work and football. On top of this, I have my commitments to St. Norbert Times and to the trips program, which then brings my total of hours up to just around 50 hours.

Now you all have an idea what it takes to stay in school and being committed to several things.

For now,

Take care,

Peter Ostergaard

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