Back to School

School started just over a week ago, and its great to be back in De Pere. As much as I love seeing my family and being in Denmark, this is where I live now and it’s really great to be back.

The first week was freezing here! Thank god for my big winter coat and hat! If it hadn’t been for those two, I would not have made it out of my apartment, but I did and school has now officially started.

Every spring semester starts with a Football Banquet to celebrate the past season. I had a great time honoring my teammates and just seeing everybody again.

Over break I found a new motivation for doing my schoolwork. I used January to do unskilled labor at a factory, and as much as I enjoy the pay check, that is not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

This semester will be very academically challenging with 4 very tough classes: Business Law, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions and Intermediate Macroeconomics. Four, so far, very interesting classes but they will be a lot of work. Beside this, I will have my football workouts 5-6 days a week, my work at the admission office, my upcoming service trip and my new position at the St Norbert Times. It will be a very interesting couple of months.

For now, take care!


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