Two games down, two wins!

My last blog ended before our game against Knox, our home opener and the first game in the Midwest Conference. We won that game 31-20.

We didn’t play our best game, but we came out on top with a victory, which is the most important thing.

I am finally starting to catch up in my classes after my missed days in the beginning of the year, and I am finally getting the feel of how my weeks are going to work. This is one of my most important tools for studying. Especially since football takes a couple of hours out of everyday where other students might study.

This past weekend we had our first conference away game against our rivals from Ripon. I made the travel team, which is the first time in my years of playing here. This is a big step for me personally and now it’s just to keep fighting to stay on the travel team.

We ended up winning the game with 12 seconds left after we blew an early lead in the game. We came out on top and are now ready to face Carroll on SNC day this upcoming Saturday. This is an important game for us since Carroll is undefeated right now and a win could put us up among the top teams in our conference.

As you might be able to see out of this blog, most of my time outside of classes is spent on football. As a college athlete you have to make a huge time commitment for practice, studying game film, and meetings. Friday is our only day off and it is only used when we have long travels. The rest of the days we have practice and on Saturday we have our games.

Two mornings a week, Monday and Wednesday, we have to get up for morning lifting at 6.30. So far, it has not been too hard to get up in the mornings which is really nice, but once it gets colder outside it might be a bit harder to do that 5 min walk to get to Schuldes which is where our workouts are.

That’s all for this time. Take care!


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