Back In School!

I came back to the states mid-august to get ready for football camp. I spent a couple of days adjusting to the time difference and then football camp started. Football camp consists of two weeks of hard work with practice and meetings every day. A regular day starts at 7 am and ends at 10 pm. In between there are countless hours of meetings and two-a-day practices. But all the hard work has its reasons.
This year the teams opening game was in Dublin, Ireland. I was among the players who traveled and despite  a game where we didn’t play up to our standards we have a great trip to Dublin. My highlight was when I got to play in front of my family who had made the trip from Denmark to Dublin to attend the game and support the team.
Because of the trip to Ireland, I have been busy with catching up on my homework. We missed most of the first week of classes and because academics are so important, it takes a lot of work to catch up and understand what was taught in class while we were gone.
This week, the football team is playing Knox College in our home opener at Schneider Stadium. It is also alumni day, which adds a lot of pressure on us because football players from back in the day are going to be present at the game and watch every single detail.
This week I started working again which was nice. Even with a semester with football and academics, I enjoy getting to work. It provides me with a nice break from the schoolwork.
I’ll give an update on the football game next week!
– Take care!

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