Why I Chose St. Norbert

Hi everybody!
To make this blog relevant for future international students I am going to address a couple of questions about how I ended up at St. Norbert. So, here it goes:
When I was younger I always dreamt of moving to the U.S. When I turned 17, I thought it was time for me to take the step and at least see what I could do. I found an organization back in Denmark which helped Danish students find universities around the world.
Because I played (American) football in Denmark, I was set on going to a school with a football program and team. The Danish organization gave me two schools in the US to pick from. Since St. Norbert was the only university with a football team, I decided to find out more about St. Norbert.
I really liked what I saw on the website. I then contacted the international admission counselor. The counselor put me in contact with the football coach, Coach Purtill, this led to me being a player on the St. Norbert football team. Fall is football season, so I write more on that come August.
On a more personal note, everything here is going really well. We have one week of classes before Easter break. That week I have to take two exams plus have a football team tryout. I am looking forward to a busy week.
I will try to get one more blog written before I go on break!
Take care,

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