Spring Break!

I was reminded today that I have a blog I should update once in a while so I will do just that. Its spring break right now, which means everyone is on an exotic beach or skiing in Colorado. But not this guy! My financial situation does not allow me to travel anywhere right now so I stayed on campus to work and fix it.

This weekend I went to the men’s hockey game with some of my friends and we had a blast. The Green Knights won the game and advanced to the Frozen Four in New York later this week. After the game I hung out with some friends that hadn’t left for break yet and we had a fun night.

In my first blog I talked a lot about our intramural basketball team and how we were excited to win a lot this year. Well, that didn’t happen. The first team we played were mostly guys that had been on the basketball team at one point so it’s safe to say that they outplayed us pretty badly. The next two games were a bit better from our side but we still didn’t manage to get a win. Our last game of the season we won (the other team didn’t show up). For us, a win is a win and we ended our season 1-3. We sure hope to do better next year.

That’s it for this time people. I’ll update the blog a bit more often.

– Peter

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