Senior Year!

Wow time has gone fast! I still remember saying goodbye to my parents at the airport in Denmark before freshman year! That’s more than 3 years ago and St. Norbert is now officially the school I have attended the second most years! School has started really well and I am enjoying all of my classes. I am taking three business classes and one religion class to cover my general education requirements.

I stay busy doing the week with school, football, work, SGA and TRIPS. So far TRIPS has not taken a lot of time, mostly because the meetings are doing our Thursday night practices. The e-board for SGA meets once a week for an hour or so, and I have tour times three days a week. On a regular day, ill leave my apartment in the morning and not return till 8 or 9 at night. Doing my small breaks I have become better at getting my homework done which helps my nights a lot. I am able to stop studying around 9 at night and then have some free time after that.

Football started with camp and our first game was in Chicago against John Carroll. The game didn’t go as we would have hoped and we started the season with a defeat. We were able to bounce back against Knox College this weekend and with that game we began our conference play.

For work, I am just trying to get enough hours to cover my phone bill and still leave me with a little bit of money to spend.

I am really excited for this academic year and I am looking forward to sharing it with all of you guys!

For now! Take care,


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End of Junior Year

Hi everyone!

So it’s been a while since I have done my last blog! And a ton of things have happened. First of all, we had our Student Government Association election where I ran to become the Financial Coordinator. I won the election which gives me a great leadership position on campus, and a place on the E-Board of SGA.  I’m really excited about this opportunity to work with the budgeting and finance side of SGA, which are things I find interesting. I have already started having meetings with different groups as part of my new role.

Secondly, I decided to try and become a trip leader for the TRIPS program. My first choice was for the St. Lucia trip, but my friend ended up getting that position, which is great for her! I on the other hand, I got the leader position for a men’s trip to Philadelphia, which is an awesome city that I’m looking forward to seeing! I have my first meeting for this on Monday!!

While all of this has been going on, my football time commitment has increased as well. Despite bad weather, we have had spring football for three weeks now, ending tomorrow. This has given me more than 15 hours a week just doing football related things, working out and practice. We had a few practices cancelled because of snow and rain, but we made most of them up this week with a couple of extra practices.

School wise, this week might have been the hardest I have ever tried. I have had three exams, and later today I have an online Quiz. My exams were in Business Law, Financial Markets and Institutions and in Corporate Finance. It’s a lot of business classes which I really like, but these were all major exams that took of most of my times. My days this week, has started at 8 and ended around 10 at night with limited breaks to eat.  Next week is not going to be as hard, as it leads into Finals week which again will be a lot of work. I have three cumulative finals, which is a lot of material I have to remember, but after that its summer break, and time to go back home to Denmark for a bit.

Tonight the football team is going bowling, as a way to end our Spring Football. Last year it was a blast, and I hope it will be the same this year!

I think that is all for this time!

Everyone take care!

–          Peter Ostergaard

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Spring Break to Arkansas

So it’s been a while…. That’s my bad. But here I am with a new blog update. Since last, I went on my spring break TRIP to Little Rock, AR. and I had a blast!!!! We were fortunate enough to meet a bunch of great guys down there who were not working to get rich, but working towards helping the greater community. It was a very eye opening experience meeting these people.

We spent four days at the Little Rock Habitat Re-store where we helped expand the store area. We got to build a bunch of walls, which was a great experience, and I felt like a true handyman. I was fortunate enough to get to ride around town with a guy named Robert. His job was to pick up donations from people and it allowed me to see a lot of Little Rock, which was really awesome. It also gave me a chance to get a lot of different experiences than the rest of the people on my trip, and lets be honest, that was pretty sweet!

The guys at the restore made sure we had lunch everyday! Thursday we had a real southern barbecue, and sweet tea which was pretty cool and it tasted great!

School and football have been taking a ton of my time, but at least it’s paying out. So far, my grades have been really high, and I have gotten stronger and faster for football. Life is going great!!

That’s my little blog for this time. Ill try to update my blog a bit more often!

Take care,


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My Week Broken Down

Hey there!

People sometimes ask me how my week looks, and how much time I spend on school and football. The answer for this question varies very semester, and with football commitments.

I have done some simple addition and this is how I spend my time in a regular week. I have around 16 hours of class time, where I’m actually in a classroom. On top of this comes my studying and preparing for class time, which varies depending on the workload, but for now lets say around 2 hours a day goes with homework and preparing for class. This includes work over the weekend, where most of my time studying finds place. That brings time spent on schoolwork to 26 hours a week. On top of this I have my job at the Admission Office, where I work around 10 hours a week. Sometimes I work a bit more, but 10 hours is a realistic estimate of an average week.

Then we have football. When we are not in our regular season, we work out 5 to 6 times a week. This gives me around 10 hours of football related workout. Then once in a while we will have meetings, but lets keep that out of the count.

Adding all of these hours together, I have 46 hours split between school, work and football. On top of this, I have my commitments to St. Norbert Times and to the trips program, which then brings my total of hours up to just around 50 hours.

Now you all have an idea what it takes to stay in school and being committed to several things.

For now,

Take care,

Peter Ostergaard

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Back to School

School started just over a week ago, and its great to be back in De Pere. As much as I love seeing my family and being in Denmark, this is where I live now and it’s really great to be back.

The first week was freezing here! Thank god for my big winter coat and hat! If it hadn’t been for those two, I would not have made it out of my apartment, but I did and school has now officially started.

Every spring semester starts with a Football Banquet to celebrate the past season. I had a great time honoring my teammates and just seeing everybody again.

Over break I found a new motivation for doing my schoolwork. I used January to do unskilled labor at a factory, and as much as I enjoy the pay check, that is not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

This semester will be very academically challenging with 4 very tough classes: Business Law, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions and Intermediate Macroeconomics. Four, so far, very interesting classes but they will be a lot of work. Beside this, I will have my football workouts 5-6 days a week, my work at the admission office, my upcoming service trip and my new position at the St Norbert Times. It will be a very interesting couple of months.

For now, take care!


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To All My Fans!

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since my last blog, but these last couple of weeks has been very hectic. Football has been going great. This week we are playing Lake Forrest for the conference championship and a place in the play offs. It’s going to be a great game and we hope everyone will show up to support the team. At the same time it’s senior night, which means the guys I have played with for three years now are most likely playing their last home game. I hope we are able to give them a conference championship to end their time at Schneider Stadium!

Outside of football, I have spent a lot of time with the T.R.I.P.S program. My first real assignment was to get a drivers license, so I can help with driving to Arkansas. Last Thursday I passed my drivers exam and I am now allowed to drive on two different countries, which is pretty cool!

This week in school has been really busy with a lot of tests and exams but its almost over now and my focus has been moved towards the big game on Saturday!

-Hope to see a lot of people there!



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Hi everyone!

This week was homecoming weekend here at St. Norbert. Homecoming is a campus wide celebration of everyone who has graduated from here. It gives the alumni a chance to come back on campus to see what has happened since they graduated. Homecoming also equals a home football game which was a nice change compared to the last two weekends with long bus rides.

Usually there is a homecoming parade with all of the Fraternities, Sororities, and the football team, but it got cancelled due to bad weather Saturday morning. This bad weather kept on for the rest of the day and had a big effect on our football game. The mindset of the entire football team was special that day and everyone was fired up and ready to go at one o’clock for the kick off. This led to an early lead for us, which we were able to keep for the rest of the game. We ended up winning the game 79-7 which is a record setting score for us.

This upcoming week we have a bye week, which means we do not have a game next weekend. This allows the players that have been hurt to recover and for the team to improve before coming back and playing our next team. This also gives us the first weekend off since we began school!

On other news, tomorrow (Monday) I have another meeting with the T.R.I.P.S program. I have been picked to be in charge of the finances of our trip to Arkansas. This will be interesting, especially because we have a very limited budget. We also have to do some fundraising to help cover the expenses of the trip.

That is all for this week!

Take care,


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Two games down, two wins!

My last blog ended before our game against Knox, our home opener and the first game in the Midwest Conference. We won that game 31-20.

We didn’t play our best game, but we came out on top with a victory, which is the most important thing.

I am finally starting to catch up in my classes after my missed days in the beginning of the year, and I am finally getting the feel of how my weeks are going to work. This is one of my most important tools for studying. Especially since football takes a couple of hours out of everyday where other students might study.

This past weekend we had our first conference away game against our rivals from Ripon. I made the travel team, which is the first time in my years of playing here. This is a big step for me personally and now it’s just to keep fighting to stay on the travel team.

We ended up winning the game with 12 seconds left after we blew an early lead in the game. We came out on top and are now ready to face Carroll on SNC day this upcoming Saturday. This is an important game for us since Carroll is undefeated right now and a win could put us up among the top teams in our conference.

As you might be able to see out of this blog, most of my time outside of classes is spent on football. As a college athlete you have to make a huge time commitment for practice, studying game film, and meetings. Friday is our only day off and it is only used when we have long travels. The rest of the days we have practice and on Saturday we have our games.

Two mornings a week, Monday and Wednesday, we have to get up for morning lifting at 6.30. So far, it has not been too hard to get up in the mornings which is really nice, but once it gets colder outside it might be a bit harder to do that 5 min walk to get to Schuldes which is where our workouts are.

That’s all for this time. Take care!


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Back In School!

I came back to the states mid-august to get ready for football camp. I spent a couple of days adjusting to the time difference and then football camp started. Football camp consists of two weeks of hard work with practice and meetings every day. A regular day starts at 7 am and ends at 10 pm. In between there are countless hours of meetings and two-a-day practices. But all the hard work has its reasons.
This year the teams opening game was in Dublin, Ireland. I was among the players who traveled and despite  a game where we didn’t play up to our standards we have a great trip to Dublin. My highlight was when I got to play in front of my family who had made the trip from Denmark to Dublin to attend the game and support the team.
Because of the trip to Ireland, I have been busy with catching up on my homework. We missed most of the first week of classes and because academics are so important, it takes a lot of work to catch up and understand what was taught in class while we were gone.
This week, the football team is playing Knox College in our home opener at Schneider Stadium. It is also alumni day, which adds a lot of pressure on us because football players from back in the day are going to be present at the game and watch every single detail.
This week I started working again which was nice. Even with a semester with football and academics, I enjoy getting to work. It provides me with a nice break from the schoolwork.
I’ll give an update on the football game next week!
– Take care!

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Tips Before Arriving to College

Hi, Everyone.

To keep my blog relevant to those of you planning to come to St. Norbert, I have decided to address some planning tools before you board the plane to come to Wisconsin. These are from my experience so they might differ for people coming from elsewhere.

Before you leave this summer remember that you are most likely going to be away for several months. This mean the weather is going to change; a lot! When I arrived on campus in August, the weather was warm and very humid, and when I left for the winter break it was really cold. So, when you start packing the things you need, remember that the weather is going to change. Bring summer clothes and winter clothes. And by winter clothes, I don’t mean just a pair of long pants and a shirt, but bring a heavy winter coat that can keep you warm and a good pair of winter boots. Remember, people handle weather temperatures differently so you are likely to see some of the local students walk around in shorts when it is freezing outside.

When I packed my things I did not have enough room for all my winter stuff, so my parents sent the items I needed for the winter. I ended up having two big suitcases and a carry-on suitcase with clothes. I also brought along a lot of everyday items like toothpaste and shampoo. This weighs a lot in the suitcase, but I was happy that I didn’t have to use my money on it over here. Of course, you can buy toothpaste and shampoo here if you need to or want to try new products!

It’s a good idea to set up plans on how to get to campus. I always fly into Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) in Green Bay.  This airport is located around 10 minutes from campus. One of the things you can do to get from the airport to the campus is to let the Center for International Education (CIE) know when you will be arriving. They can help arrange for St. Norbert staff to pick you up and drive you to campus. This is by far the easiest way to get from the airport to campus, especially the first time you get here. This person will also most likely be willing to give you a tour around campus when you arrive depending on the time of the day. Walking around campus gives you a good feel of where you are, and where you are going.  It also helps jet lag!

When you are on campus, everything is within walking distance. It takes about 7 minutes to walk from one side to the other. You don’t need to have a car for anything on campus. But as time goes on, sometimes you might want to go somewhere outside the campus and then it’s a good idea to have local area friends because a lot of students from the area have a car. It is really nice to be able to go to a local store to buy some things and go out to eat somewhere else once in a while.

I hope this can help you a bit before you come here!

So long!


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