Milan and Pavia – Day 7

Our day began with a tour of Duomo di Milano. It’s hard to depict with mere photos the magnificence of this structure. There are countless figures and details sculpted into the exterior alone, and the interior was just as breathtaking. We first descended into the baptistry, where we saw the octagonal immersion font where St. Augustine was baptized. Back on the main level, we learned about the sundial along the floor, the brilliant stained-glass windows, and several sculptures throughout. Outside, we learned about key figures carved in the marble. After a quick lunch, we were on the bus headed to the quaint town of Pavia, where St. Augustine’s remains are kept. Our visit to Pavia was short, as we needed to continue on to Florence for the evening. Due to an accident on the highway, Hans was forced to take a detour, which delayed our arrival time. We had a quick tailgate-style dinner in a truck stop parking lot along the highway, and made enough convenience store purchases to fuel us for the remainder of the ride. In honor of Bert’s and Brenda’s birthdays, the Fathers led us in singing Vivat – a treat they are sure never to forget!

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