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Love your Life

Well I guess you could say the stakes have risen. It has recently been brought to my attention that more than just my mother and close friends actually read this little blog of mine. What I thought was merely a weekly way to release my thoughts into written form for fellow SNC students to enjoy seems to have caught the attention of a few other eyes. As the current SNC home page reads (abbreviated):
“St. Norbert College was named to StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media list – St. Norbert is ranked 39 out of 6,000 federally recognized colleges and universities and post-secondary schools in the United States, also the highest-ranked school in Wisconsin.”
This is a huge honor and I give Eric Wagner a solid handshake and high five, because it is of his efforts and work as the Social Media expert in the admissions office that has helped bring our little liberal arts college to national news.
What astonished me was that when you click on the link, in the paragraph above, and go to St. Norbert College at #39 the description reads, “Blogger Nate Wine, biology major, class of 2011, has an honest take on life and leveraging social media as a way to materialize his dreams that is inspiring.” After reading this I didn’t know what think, how in the world had I been noticed by someone in the department of examining the quality of social media departments? Either way I now knew that there was now a little more added pressure to cranking out quality blogs in order to keep public appeal. But at the same time I can’t be happier. This has been my intention, to share my story, thoughts, and perspective with people. I want everyone to recognize the beauty in his or her lives, embrace it, and feed off those positive energies. So to learn that not only my mom was reading my blogs was indeed an honor and inspiring, not that I don’t love and admire the support from my mother. Love you Mom!
So, without any further to do I’d like to quickly share with you three main new theories I’ve either learned or have begun to implement in my daily life this past week: Stress, Exercise, and Meditation. Do you have an intensely busy life and feel you are constantly stressing about the next big exam or how you are going to pay this month’s credit card balance? Do you feel like you are always going, going, going and never have time to relax and enjoy a little ‘Me Time’? I used to be like this…but no more! This semester has probably been one of the most hectic, hardcore, and time-consuming of my college career and yet I have never felt so alive and surreally complete.
How you ask? I’ve found balance. A balance allowing me to appreciate all I have in my life and live every day with tremendous energy, spirit, and passion. I want people to feel uplifted after finishing a conversation with me. I want them to be inspired after reading this blog. But most importantly I want share and teach others how to live with such passion and love for your life so they can go on and pay it forward.
Since this entry is already getting a bit lengthy and I don’t want to lose your interest, I want to share the three things I believe will start you on the proper path to achieving an enriched love for your life.
Stress, lets avoid it as much as we can. Sure, at times it can be a great motivator but mostly it consumes too much of our energy, and we become engulfed by it. What drives this stress? Is it merely a fear of failure? I used to be a bundle of nerves, afraid that if I didn’t perform well on a particular exam my life dreams would be ruined or if a job interview didn’t go smoothly I’d lose out on an amazing opportunity. Then I had an epiphany, a realization that blindsided me. I’m doing the best I can. When I stepped back and looked at my life with this mentality, stress evaporated. As long as I’m getting up everyday and doing my very best to materialize my dreams and always giving that extra effort why allow stress the ability to dampen my parade. How is stress going to help? Exactly, you don’t have an answer. Therefore, it seems like common sense, if it’s affecting your overall happiness, to rid it from your life as much as possible, right? You have to live YOUR life and adapt to everything that happens. If you’re an avid follower of this blog you will know how strongly I believe that everything happens for a reason! How do you respond? Well I say embrace it. Come to the realization some things are simply out of your control and the only duty you have is to truly do the best you can at everything you can do. You can’t expect anything more of yourself. Be confident with who you are and in everything you do and let it show. Live everyday with positive energy and let it shine in order to positively influence all you come into contact with.
Now you ask, well Nate, sweet thought but how can I simply begin erasing stress? Well that is where exercise and mediation come in. Both have been scientifically proven to reduce the harmful effects that stress has on our bodies. Not only this but you are going to feel like a new person when you start implementing them in your life. As for meditation, I just started this week and all I do is take a half hour sometime during the day to close myself off from the world, put on my headphones with soothing music playing, and merely concentrate on the breath. I inhibit my mind from wondering and enjoy the peace. After I feel more refreshed than if I had taken a nap. It was actually shown that students who meditate for a half hour everyday instead of using the time for a nap had a 30% increase in test scores. It is during this time that you become in touch with your inner self. Meditation allows for this ‘Me Time,’ a time that is critical in obtaining a well-rounded life. Exercise has this very similar effect so not only is it great for your physique but also does a huge number on the mental health. I also usually enjoy combining the two. I will get onto an elliptical with the noise canceling headphones and my music of choice, close my eyes, and just go. Instead of worrying about fatigue I concentrate on the breath and use it as my meditation. Be creative and have fun with it you guys!
Once again it has been an honor to be able to share my experiences with all of you and I thank you StudentAdvisor for the gracious shout out and recognition in your rankings. I hope this blog can continue to grow and influence others, this was my goal from Day 1 and it is uplifting to know it is being taken seriously and to heart! If you are reading this I thank you for the support and hope my words encourage you to take control of your life and increase your ability to materialize your dreams. I would also like to offer my email address: for any of you who wish to discuss anything I’ve written further or if you have any questions or comments. I want to make myself available to anyone who desires to get more out of life! As always it is a pleasure and your assignment this week is to take 10 minutes out of your day to listen to a role model of mine. You may of heard of him or seen him in a movie or to so I believe you will enjoy and get something out of it as well as get an idea of where I obtain much of my motivation and inspiration:

Love your life, it’s stupid not to!

Stay Classy St. Norbert!

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