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Confidence: Pure Attraction

You know you’re ready to graduate and become a member of society when you wake up at 8am on a Sunday morning without any prior motivation, shower, travel to the closest coffee café, and then grab a cup of brew with the intention of being productive. I now sit with laptop open, sound canceling headphones on, coffee in hand, and stare out at the people walking on State Street. Yes, you guessed it; I’m in Madison, WI at the Espresso Royale café. I came down yesterday afternoon because my mother made the long trek over and stayed at the University Inn over the weekend for a couple of reasons. First, her spring break began on Friday and since no tropical vacation was in order she figured visiting her two children would be the next best option. On top of that, when I went home for my own spring break two weeks ago we swapped cars so mine could get some work done on it and she has now returned to get her vehicle back. We spent the afternoon walking State Street and I am proud to announce I found a new, old school, multi-colored, windbreaker jacket to replace the one I lost. My mom was not thrilled with the purchase and was quite embarrassed when I proceeded to wear it when we went to the Union for a couple beers and live music. You know you are confident and secure enough with yourself when your mother cares more about what people think than you do. The beauty of Madison is that no one cares; it is incredibly liberal and refreshing. Most are not afraid to let their inner soul shine out through their expressions, clothing, or actions. They are not worried about how other people view them or what they think. For example, last night while on the way to the Union I witnessed a couple dancing crazily to the music of two guys jamming on their guitars. Sure, it caused heads to turn but everyone just smiled and enjoyed the sight. The dancers could have cared less what those passing by thought of their actions but merely were allowing their soul to take physical form. This is a mentality I wish would spread like wildfire. It saddens me how few individuals are able to enjoy such freedom. They are trapped in a bubble. Attempting to dress, act, and think in a manner they believe is acceptable to society. While of course there are boundaries and as they say a ‘time and place for everything’ I still believe there are too many fake individuals, scared of how the world may view their true self. To all of you reading this who agree with me and feel as if they have more to offer the world and are simply just afraid to expose the inner self, I have the answer. Confidence, and everyone has the potential of achieving it. Be proud of who you are and don’t hesitate to show it. I’m not going to sit here and preach but I guarantee you will see an exponential increase in your overall happiness by simply listening to that little voice inside of your head rather than wasting your time and energy contemplating how society will view you when you walk out the door. And just remember this, those who do judge, comment, or worry more about you than you do, are insecure and are jealous of what you possess. Not many people possess sincere self-confidence and thus by emitting it causes those around you to desire it. And due to their immaturity and lack of self worth they attempt to point fun and bring you down in order to make themselves feel better about themselves. In a nutshell, stop worrying about what others think and just know that as long as you are confident with yourself people will be drawn to you, and those who do judge aren’t worth worrying about because they are merely jealous and insecure. Expose your soul!

Stay Classy St. Norbert

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