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Flip the Switch

As I mentioned in my last entry the intention of this new blog is to keep me accountable and ensure I am indeed practicing what I preach. This is the exact reason why I am writing this entry today. Let us just say my spirits are not quite as high or as positive as they should me. Why you ask? The answer is quite simple, this insane blizzard we are having! It isn’t the blizzard itself that makes me want to strangle a small child, it’s the fact that it is nearly April and last week we surpassed 50 degrees. I write now in order to vent, get the aggression on paper, and keep myself sane. Some of you may love the snow and be excited to be stuck inside all day, but not me! This type of weather takes quite the toll on my body. When I say this I’m not even implying the physical toll of spending an hour shoveling out your car and sticking cardboard under the front tires because it only has rear wheel drive and is absolutely terrible in the snow. I am talking about the emotional toll of having to spend yet another day cooped up inside dreading the thought of eventually having to step out into Narnia.
But now as I’ve been sitting here unleashing my inner aggression, praising the approaching graduation, and thought of living out West away from this frozen tundra, I’ve realized my goal of writing this entry has been accomplished. When we are having days, such as the one I started to have today, it only takes a flip of a switch to turn things around. I could have continued to whine and complain about the weather and how much I’m ready to be done with school but instead I opened a new word document and simply started writing. While doing so I realized I do not need to focus on all the negatives but rather channel my energy to appreciate all the things I have going for me in my life. Sure, I’m tired of the weather, but is this really a reason to ruin a full day? I’m healthy, confident, intelligent, have great friends, a supportive loving family, a girlfriend I adore, and a bright future ahead of me. These are the things that need to be the focus. Too many people go through their days simply focusing on all the negatives they encounter. This only leads to more hardship because as you focus on such negative energy it only brings more your way. Thus, my advice for today is that when you find yourself having a shitty day and it seems like nothing can go right, take a minute to stop and think about all you are thankful for. Channel all your energy into this gratitude and I grantee your day will turn around. Mine already has and I’m now ready to crank out a paper, study for an exam, complete a lab assignment, and then finalize a presentation. You can do it too, all it takes is a flip of a switch and being appreciative of all you have in life!

Stay Classy St. Norbert

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