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A New Beginning

And my final spring break of formal education comes to a close. Although the level of production in terms of schoolwork is nothing to brag about the knowledge gained and new awareness achieved was revolutionary. I come back to you all with promise of something groundbreaking. I have a vision. One I wish to share with you, for now. This could be what one may classify as ‘a calling.’ Sure, now it is merely an entry in a blog for SNC’s website but, why can’t it be something more? The idea of social media is nothing to ignore, the online bandwagon, in my opinion, is the way I can materialize dreams.
So, this vision of mine, it is easy, two words: The Secret. I suggest if you want to join me for this ride you learn it. Although I wish not to demise the thought of reading, for the sake of time simply start with the movie. If you have Netflix you can watch it instantly on there for free, apart from the monthly charge. Otherwise, check the nearest Redbox, Family Video, Blockbuster, you get where I’m going with this. It is to emphasize a point, watch the movie. The Law of Attraction, in a net shell, it is what this thing we call life is all about. Sure, call me philosophical, call me crazy, but hear what I have to say. This is honestly something extraordinary.
Don’t worry I’m not going to take your money, invite you to seminars, or make you read anything…other than this blog. This is a new beginning for me, and if you wish, for you. You are probably asking yourself, ok why the blog? If he has his whole life figured out why waste his time, sharing it on cyber space? Valid question. The answer isn’t simple or without thought. But I think it will prove to be the decision that launched me from student to professional. What do I mean by this? This blog is going to be what keeps me accountable. The part of this law of attraction is your ability to envision where you want to see your life. By taking the time to stop everything going on around you, close your eyes, and dream. If you think its dorky and a load of bullshit, well than you can stop reading now and go on living your average life as if you are now, mere clock work with no control over your life. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question. Do I want to change my entire outlook on life, open my eyes to something different, a power transformation? If you aren’t willing to expose yourself I understand, don’t think anything less of you, and wish you the best in life.
As for those who wish to learn more, watch the movie. This whole blog of mine will make a lot more sense. This is merely my first entire but more will follow. I wish not to lay it all out now for the sake of length. Patience may be difficult but as I said, this is a journey. All good things happen to those who wait. But, I do wish to leave you this time on a cliff hanger, so you come back for more. This whole thing isn’t just some good feeling, uplifting, positive attitude speech. I bring it to you via this blog because I’ve created proof of its power.
On Tuesday of spring break I watched The Secret on Netflix in the basement of my home in Port Huron, MI. After watching I began such ‘vision work’ as you could say. Throughout the day when I was driving, working out, going through the routines of the day I thought about what I wanted and pictured myself living that life. Living out in Boulder CO, working for Stryker as an Medical Sales Associate, being financially free, and spending my free time mountain biking, rock climbing, and snowboarding. Obviously there is more to my vision but I wish to stop there for now and tell you more about it next time. But what I will say is that after 3 days of spending my days believing with absolute certainty that I was going to live my life in abundance and treat life as my playground with the ability to materialize my dreams I got an email from Stryker asking if I would be interested in arranging an phone screen interview? Do I have you hooked? I’ve been applying and trying to get any type of ‘in’ with Stryker for over a year and a half. The problem was that during this span I was telling myself “there is no way I am going to get that perfect of a job with such a prestigious company right out of college, you will have to settle for something mediocre to gain experience and one day hopefully make the switch.” Do you understand what I’m telling you? The universe is clay and we, with the power of our minds, are the artists. What do you want to do with your life?

Stay Classy St. Norbert

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