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Finally Free

Yes, hell week completed! As my last entry may have indicated I had quite the hectic week last week with three exams and a fifty-minute presentation in molecular biology. Even though I only slept about four hours each night, was in constant study mood, and energy sucked clear out of me, I am now free. The only positive of having such an intense week is that the week following it is a cakewalk. On top of that I only have to get through another week of classes and then it is Spring Break and I cannot wait to go home and spend time with my family. Sure, spending the afternoons on the beach as the sun tanning my skin and an ice cold beer satisfies my thirsty will be missed, the damage to my wallet will not be. I’ve had my fair share of great vacations over the years both with family as well as with friends and it’s now time to buckle down and utilize the time to organize what I want to do post graduation. We are now within three months until the faithful march and things are starting to possibly look promising for a career path to begin on, it is kind of just up to me on deciding what I would like to pursue. Getting into my desired field (Medical Sales) is not an easy entry-job to land, especially straight out of college without any business to business or direct medical sales experience. I am still plugging away trying because obviously such a position, with a highly reputable company, would be an easy way to get the ball rolling on my career. At the same time I could also see myself selling health insurance for a company like Northwestern Mutual and feel it could be a good fit with my personality, but who knows I mean I still have 3 months to figure it out right?
As for this week, I have smooth sailing. I have the usual systemic quiz and paper summary due Friday but have no real exams and am going to maximize the time to get a head on projects due later in the semester as well as have a bit of fun since usually I’m never given the chance to during the week because I am responsible and get all my studying and homework done. Plus, I have an 8am class so going to that after a night out isn’t all that appealing to me. I’m really excited about hitting the Naw for Wings tomorrow night, since its been four weeks since my last, and basically just the fact that I’m able to breathe and sit back this week. It should be a good one and then I can’t wait to home during spring break!

Stay Classy St. Norbert!


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