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‘Finals Like’ Week

So this week’s entry will be quite brief due to the amount of work currently on my palate. I spent straight 10 hours yesterday putting together a molecular biology presentation and I still am not yet finished. I present this Friday and it is on a primary journal article of my choosing. My article, entitled: “Cannabidiol enhances the inhibitory effects of ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol on human glioblastoma cell proliferation and survival,” is yet another studying showing the positive affects of THC (present in marijuana) as an anti-cancer agent. Although, I’ve enjoyed doing the research it is very time consuming and the presentation is expected to last 45 minutes in length. On top of this presentation on Friday I have 3 exams spread throughout the week as well. Thus, today I plan to finish the review guides for my International Mass Communication exam (on Tuesday), Molecular Biology exam (on Wednesday), and Systemic Physiology exam (on Friday). It will be an intense and hectic week but as long as I am as productive today as I was yesterday than I will most certainly alleviate a large amount of the stress currently hanging over me. But, as usual, I’m staying positive and focusing on the pros of the situation, such as the fact that when the week is over I will feel incredible. Plus, I will only have one week of class remaining until Spring Break. Well I apologize for the lack of humor, entertainment, or gossip but I need to get back to books and start checking things off the good old ‘To-Do-List.”

Stay Classy St. Norbert College

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