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Hit the ground running

So what’s new in the life of Nate Wine? Well the semester is heating and I’m in for an intense next couple of weeks until Spring Break arrives. This will be quite the character-building semester if I’m able to continue on the responsible streak I’m currently riding. Although I have a rigorous and time consuming semester I’ve become an expert at time management and for the first time have started the semester off on the right foot. Usually, I dig myself into a hole near the beginning of the semester because I’m not used to professor’s exams and take the first exam to test the waters, but this semester I’ve hit the ground running. I got a 94% on my first Systemic Physiology exam and a 94% and two 100% on the three quizzes thus far. I throw out those scores not to brag but merely to emphasize how much effort and time I’ve put in over these first weeks. But time is flying and I cannot comprehend that Spring Break is just around the corner. I don’t have any extravagant trip plans to Cancun but am rather going to utilize my time at home with friends and family because it may just well be the last time I visit home for quite a while. The reason being is that after graduation the plan is to have a job lined up and start working right away. As I’ve mentioned in previous entries the objective was to acquire a position in the medical device industry as a sales representatives. Due to a number of factors I might be leaning toward a position with Northwestern Mutual, I’ll be sure to update you further when I have more details and put more thought into the matter.
As for the week ahead, I have my first Marketing exam on Tuesday that I hope to excel in since it is one of three exams in the course. Thus, if I don’t do too well on it I will have dug myself into one of those holes I discussed earlier and with only two other exams remaining it wouldn’t be an easy one to get out of. I will most likely have a relaxing and laid back weekend because next week I have three exams (International Mass Communication, Molecular Biology, and Systemic Physiology) and a molecular biology presentation to give on a primary journal article. Thus, I want to get a jump-start on study/ preparation for the week ahead. Cannot believe I’m approaching graduation so quickly, the weeks are flying by!

Stay Classy St. Norbert!

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