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Yet Another Weekend to Remember!

This weekend was another one to add to the senior year scrapbook. While the school week itself didn’t amount to much excitement, Friday changed the tempo. After feeling as if I dominated my systemic exam at 8am my other two classes were pretty laid back and enjoyable. Then, Senior Wine Tasting kicked off at 5:45 pm and it was an event to remember. Although I indeed had a blast I will admit that Anh Tran did bring a tear to my eye when he gave the Senior Class Toast. Just the thought of looking around the room and realizing this is my last semester of college was simply overwhelming to me. The friends I’ve made, the relationships built, and the time we’ve shared will always be remembered. But visualizing four years nearly completed was quite saddening. The wine was merely a warm up for the main event of the evening…The TKE Crush Dance. The bus, on its way to the dance, actually picked up all of the seniors who were at Bemis for the wine tasting. We then headed over to Chicago Street Pub and proceeded to dance the night away. My outfit consisted of white dress shoes and a white dress shirt accompanied with black dress pants, suspenders, and bow tie, a classic Nate Wine get up. And of course we were sure to have SRF (Safe Responsible Fun)! Saturday proved unproductive but it was a nice, relaxing, and rewarding afternoon. I now sit writing this before diving into 3 or 4 smaller assignments for the week. None of which are due for class tomorrow but I like to utilize Sunday as a day to get a lot of the homework due later in the week out of the way.
As for the week ahead, I’m not exactly sure what it will entail but am sure it will keep me busy, always finds a way to do that. Job search is still stagnant without any new news to report. I hope one of these days I will be able to report some exciting advancements but I’m still merely networking, getting my name out there, and applying to any and every company that seems of interest.

Stay Classy St. Norbert

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