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Super Bowl Sunday

It has been 14 years since the Packer’s have been able to bring the Vince Lombardi trophy back home to Green Bay. What better way to capitalize a four-year undergraduate education in this great state than to experience such a victory? Although I am from Michigan and have tried all my life to be the best Lion’s fan possible, I’ve always had a spot in my heart for the Packers. After having lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin for the past 4 years that spot has grown into a tremendous admiration, respect, and full-blown support for the team. The city of Green Bay, and the entire state for that matter, bleeds green and yellow. I’ve never seen a community so united under a common thread. Tonight’s game will be one of epic proportions and its outcome will dictate the rest of my college experience. You may be saying to yourself, “Well that seems a bit drastic.” Unfortunately, it is the truth. The outcome of this game will set the tone for my last 3-4 months in Green Bay. If the Packer’s win the city will be overjoyed and everyone whose anyone will have huge smiles spread across their faces as they wear Packer apparel until it becomes an issue of personal hygiene. But if the Packers lose…the state will face an emotional depression. People won’t leave their homes, businesses won’t be open, and the sun will rarely shine. If you aren’t from Wisconsin you will think I am over exaggerating, I wish I could say I was. But the truth of the matter is that the outcome of this game tonight will ultimately affect the economic and social well being of the this state for who knows how long.
With that being said, I cannot wait. I have my authentic Charles Woodson’s jersey cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear, I’m currently in the process of doing laundry and cleaning my bedroom in preparation, and later this afternoon I will be headed to the store with Ale to collect ingredients to make guac and buy chips and beer for the show. It is quite outrageous to comprehend that in less than 2 hours 85% of the state of WI and 98.9 % of people in Green Bay will be gathered around a television in their home or sharing a pitcher with friends at the local sports bar. The atmosphere will be unparallel to any other sporting event in the United States and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be in the very heart of it all.
As for me, not much has changed since last week. Family is well. Friends are great. Girlfriend and I are two peas in a pod. And I’m just living the dream, working hard and playing hard. I’ve set a new goal for myself as well, 4.0 this final semester. I’ve yet to 4.0 a semester while in college but want to go out on a high note and feel if I put in the time, stay organized, and expect greatness I can knock this last semester out of the park.

Stay Classy St. Norbert & GO PACK GO

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