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‘Finals Like’ Week

So this week’s entry will be quite brief due to the amount of work currently on my palate. I spent straight 10 hours yesterday putting together a molecular biology presentation and I still am not yet finished. I present this Friday and it is on a primary journal article of my choosing. My article, entitled: […]

Hit the ground running

So what’s new in the life of Nate Wine? Well the semester is heating and I’m in for an intense next couple of weeks until Spring Break arrives. This will be quite the character-building semester if I’m able to continue on the responsible streak I’m currently riding. Although I have a rigorous and time […]

Yet Another Weekend to Remember!

This weekend was another one to add to the senior year scrapbook. While the school week itself didn’t amount to much excitement, Friday changed the tempo. After feeling as if I dominated my systemic exam at 8am my other two classes were pretty laid back and enjoyable. Then, Senior Wine Tasting kicked off at 5:45 […]

Super Bowl Sunday

It has been 14 years since the Packer’s have been able to bring the Vince Lombardi trophy back home to Green Bay. What better way to capitalize a four-year undergraduate education in this great state than to experience such a victory? Although I am from Michigan and have tried all my life to be […]