Open Your Eyes

“Most of us spend so much time thinking about where we have been or where we are supposed to be going that we have a hard time recognizing where we actually are.” As I read this line from An Altar in the World, by Barbara Taylor I instantly put down the book, pulled out the […]

Becoming Who You Are

Next to my picture on the SNC blog home page there’s a brief background summarizing the issues I plan on tackling throughout my entries. Within the paragraph you’ll find the statement, “Get in touch with your inner self, learn how to express it, and gain a self-confidence that you never knew you had.” Until this […]

The Man Behind The Blog

As you can already observe this is not a typical weekly entry. You are probably questioning whether you care to spend your precious time reading such a lengthy passage. This is a rare entry but one I feel is vital in understanding ‘the man behind the blog.’ I am about to share with you […]

Off to the Races

And my senior year of college is underway…words cannot even begin to express the emotional roller coaster that begins to churn when I attempt to comprehend that statement. Sure, now I shave every 3 days opposed to my bi-monthly schedule I had going as a freshmen (yes…a college freshmen) but beyond that it feels as […]