Day 2 Hiked up to Cape of Good Hope

This is the Cape of Good Hope. We climbed to the top of the rock on the left and saw the lighthouse. Then all the way down!

The group enjoyed another beautiful bus ride with a stop at a local beach to dip our toes in the ocean & collect a few shells. On to the Cape of Good Hope! After a very steep hike up we were treated to the most spectacular view. We then ventured on a mountain hike to another point through the beautiful native plant life. Marius is a wonderful tour guide! Pointing out places of interest and the history of these places, most important, how to be safe in Africa. If a baboon was to approach us we were to hand over our backpacks, wait for them to find any food & then we could go retrieve them! Don’t tangle with a baboon! We had lunch at a local picnic spot were men were armed with sling shots to keep the baboons away while we ate. We did see a couple foraging for food in the fields before we left. A couple of ostrich dined with us also. Back on the bus to see some of the cutest penguins at Boulder Beach. After supper at the hostel the group held a rehearsal outside in a back alley around an old chevy. It was loads of fun with other foreign travelers joining in!

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