Wow, it has been a long time since I last blogged. I apologize. Hope everyone is doing well. These past couple weeks have been busy with school work as well as basketball workouts. I’ve had several tests and papers these past two weeks and on top of workouts I have had very little down time. Either I am writing a paper or sore from lifting it seems like the school year is closing fast. All is going well except for the weather. The weather has been awful this “spring.” It has not been sunny at all and has snowed multiple times. I looked at the weather forecast for this week and it will reach the 50’s twice. That’s a hard thing to handle knowing that it is mid-APRIL!

Although the weather has been bad the end of the school year is always fun. School is closing out and everyone is getting excited for summer. I have no idea where this year has gone. I feel like just yesterday it was January. This weekend should be fun as our team has its annual banquet so I get to see my family. Saturday night I will be headed to see Garret and Austin, two friends of mine, play at a bar in Kiel. Most of the team and I are going so it will be a blast. Hopefully track, softball and baseball can get a home game in before the end of the year but it isn’t looking promising. Hopefully next time I write that I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Keep it real until next time everybody.

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