Spring Break

What’s up everyone? Hope everyone had a safe spring break! Mine went by way to fast. I had a crazy time in the Bahamas. I went with my family and my friend and his family and we had a ton of fun. The Bahamas is a beautiful island. The first day we were there we just hung by the ocean and relaxed. I went to eat with my parents at a really nice steak house and ate a huge steak.  The next day my friend and his family came down and we went to a great seafood restaurant. I had never tried seafood until I went down there and I absolutely loved it. I had some sort of seafood for nearly every meal. At night my friends and I would go to Downtown Nassau. We spent just about every night at the club down there. I met a ton of people from a lot of different states. It wasn’t the craziest spring break spot but I had a great time and it was not something I’m used to!

Coming back was really hard, especially because I have been swamped with school work. I have had one test one paper and one presentation in five days. Not to mention the weather went from 80 degrees and sunny to snowing in the middle of March. Not what I want. However I am happy to be back and heading home soon for Easter. Before I know it I will be getting ready for summer. Until next time keep it real everyone!


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