Winter Break

What’s good everyone? How was everyone ones break? Mine was very short! I was only home for six days, including Christmas. For basketball we had to head back here for our holiday tournament. Although being home for only six days is not that fun, being here for J-Term is actually a lot nicer than it seems. We all hang out every day, play video games and watch Netflix. Although the team missed home we were able to win the holiday tournament and beat 6th-ranked Whitewater. We rolled to a twelve game winning streak and most of them were over the holiday break. Also, most of the games over break were at home which made it easy to see family. Although I missed my family it was a fun break from school with still being able to hang with my teammates. The best part of my break though, was when I found out my sister is pregnant with a baby boy! He is due in June and I cannot wait.
This semester has started off very fast and have already accomplished several papers. The weather hasn’t helped the mood as we have gotten very cold and snowy days. It was nice the other day when we had a snow day however now we are behind in some classes. As the semester continues it will be very important to stay on task has we travel the next four weekends. With several more wins we will win conference and host the tournament championship. I think it will be a very intense next month both with academics and athletics.

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