Fall Break

What’s good blog world? Once again, it is Friday, and I am happy as can be. It is fall break right now so I am at home enjoying time with my family. It feels good to be back in Naperville, aka Naper-thrill. Haven’t done much but lay around and work out since being home. So basically I am back to my summer routine. Man did I miss my bed, I slept 13 hours the first night home. I woke up feeling quite energized. Today I ran around with my mom and we watched Jersey Shore together. My mom is originally five miles from Seaside Heights and I used to spend 3 weeks every summer hanging out there. We would travel from Spring Lake, where my mom is from, to Seaside Heights and walk along the boardwalk. I was very young at the time but I still find that I was more mature and probably taller than most of the cast at the age of 9. It is funny to laugh at them because my mom gets so upset that they are considered Jersey people. They are all from outside New Jersey. Still we both watch and she is either disgusted or laughs very hard.
Tomorrow my roommates and I as well as my family and their friends are going to Soldier Field- not to watch the Bears- but to watch Notre Dame play Miami. The old Catholic vs Convicts game. I am very excited but nervous. If Notre Dame loses, my next blog will NOT be a happy one. However I would rather have the St. Norbert football team and my buddy James Tringali win at Cornell and show them what the Midwest Conference is all about. Until next time, stay classy and keep it real.

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