What up what up?! Man, I’ve had one crazy week. Can’t believe Notre Dame won last Saturday. That got the week started on a good note but after that it was all school-work. This week has been nothing but papers and presentations. Just one of those weeks where every professor will have this week be the week you turn you work in. With basketball workouts and open gym I had very little down time. However I got through it and looking back it wasn’t so bad. Despite all the homework, I was able to catch the Packer game monday night. Oh man was that crazy. Campus got a little rowdy after that game. You could hear everyone yelling in the streets and throughout my dorm. It was an awful call and unfortunately it cost the Packers the game. On the brightside it brought an end to replacement refs. This next week will be awesome as I will be heading home to Naperville. Then off to Soldier field to catch THE FIGHTING IRISH.. Cannot wait, hope everyone has a great week! Keep it real!
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