Easter Break

Whats good everybody? Hope everyone’s Easter was good! I had a great time with my family. You see, my sister is moving out soon to get married so it was her last holiday at home. Pretty crazy, it will be very different to say the least. Easter was very relaxing and good to catch up with my friends. I had a couple friends stay with me who are from Florida, and it made the trip a lot more enjoyable. We hung out with family and friends and had a family party (Much more calm then what I’ve been used to). Although it was fun being at home I am happy to be back. I have a pretty easy week considering we started Tuesday and I only have 3 days of school.
This last stretch of school will be interesting as the weather is getting beautiful and we can taste summer. I hope I don’t enjoy it too much and see my grades fall. The year will end with spring basketball as our team is going to Italy the first week of summer! I can’t wait to be overseas and see what life is like. It will be a blast with our family’s and Father Jim is even joining along. It is safe to say I cannot wait for summer and it will be hard to keep my mind off of it. Until next time, stay classy.

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