Spring Break

What’s good?! Man a lot has happened since my last blog. Spring break finally came and I was pumped to go home. I wished I was going to a warmer place but I needed to be back at school for surgery on Wednesday. At first I was disappointed but the weather back home in Chicago was really nice. Every day was higher than sixty-five. I spent most of my time at home sleeping and enjoying home cooked meals. Not to mention all the food in Chicago which is much better than the food here in Green Bay. When it was time to come back up for surgery I was a little bummed to leave home but it all went well and I’m already walking.
I spent most of my time lying in bed enjoying the NCAA tournament as well as watching St. Norbert win back to back Men’s Hockey Championship. I watched it at the abbey and it was packed. They dominated and the atmosphere was really cool. It’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my time here at St. Norbert. This week is hectic and I’m busy every day. Seems like every class has a test or project due this week. It is going to be tough but nothing I can’t handle. Keep it Real People!

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