Midwest Conference Tournament

Wow it has been way to long! I’ve been really busy lately getting back into this semester. My classes this semester have kept me busy to say the least. As well as school we hit the finishing stretch of the season. It was nothing short of hectic these past three weeks. Last blog I had told you about our big upset over Grinnell. Well it was huge and allowed us to finish the season in 3rd place. We finished the season with a huge win at Lawrence.
We would enter the tournament playing Grinnell again in the first round, the host team and first place winner. Lake Forest would play Carroll who made it in on the last day of the season. We would play second and when we arrived, Carroll was beating Lake Forest. They would go on to win which meant if we won we would play fourth seeded Carroll. All we had to do was take care of Grinnell.

We came out and played our best defensive game and beat them in what I believe was our best game. We were all excited at a chance to go to the NCAA Tournament if we were to defeat Carroll. We got to hang out with our families and enjoy a relaxing night after a big win. Unfortunately Carroll would win the next day as they played nearly a perfect game. It was not easy to swallow but we will be back there next year as all of our starters are returning. The loss will motivate us to work hard this off-season and there is no doubt we will be in the same spot next year.

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