Crazy Weekend and Winter Carnival

What up What up!!!
What a crazy weekend! End of the week ended slowly as usual as everyone looked forward to the weekend. School was good this week as I took two quizzes and think I did very well on them. The Winter Carnival has been going on and I had the pleasure of getting to see the talent show. I first went to support my teammate Garrett Thorn as he sang “Good Directions” by Billy Currington. It turned out to be a good time. Some seniors did the song “Summer Love” from Grease and it was no doubt the crowd favorite.
When the weekend finally arrived it was time for two huge games. We beat Monmouth College on Friday pretty easily and played Grinnell, the number one team in our conference, on Saturday. They play a crazy style of basketball and it is a very fast game. We were down a lot of the game until Brandon Grease hit a three to tie the game. He would end up hitting the winning free throw with 1.8 seconds left. Schuldes was crazy as we pulled off the upset. There was great support from our students and they mobbed us as we won. It was a great win and I think it will boost our confidence as we head into the postseason.

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