Semester 2 Begins

What’s Good?! Seems like yesterday everyone was leaving for Christmas break! Can’t believe the second semester is already here. Hope everyone’s break went well. I was sure happy everyone came back to campus because J-term was a little lonely with only couple sports teams here. I spent the majority of my winter break recovering from surgery. Therapy is still going on and it sure is not my favorite thing to do. As J-term came to a close the basketball team was sitting in 4th place after a tough loss to Lake Forest last Friday. We had a huge win over rival Lawrence yesterday and we are looking forward to a huge game Saturday at Ripon.
Well classes sure won’t be too easy this semester. My biggest struggle will be calculus but I’m sure I will end up ok. I’m looking forward to this semester I just can’t imagine it being any faster than the last. Hope everyone gets off to a good start!

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